About Us

Who are we:

Pillar Centre includes a group of academics and strategic thinkers. We seek to coordinate with entities, universities, regional and international entities of common interest and intervene in the resolution of conflicts and disputes by peacefully submitting initiatives and making recommendations to decision makers.

Head office: London/ Britain.


Creating a climate for the convergence of peoples and nations in various fields.


Investing the environment in the incubator for the development and development of administrative, academic and legal cadres to reach joint understandings to address crises and assess the situation to make recommendations to decision makers in various fields.

Methods and goals:

1. Working on managing crises, resolving conflicts and finding approaches between the opposing parties through peaceful means, whether at the level of parties, parties or states, to achieve peace, meeting, understanding and stability among them.
2. Building regional and international partnerships with study centres, universities, experts and researchers in various fields.
3. Exchange of experiences in the fields of scientific and academic research and cooperation.
4. Providing scientific, academic and legal advice and resolving disputes by legal means.
5. Holding conferences, seminars, workshops, specialized courses and exhibitions in various fields.
6. Spreading a culture of coexistence, community peace, and global stability and establishing the principles of democracy and human rights in accordance with international conventions and treaties.