New Releases

International Day of Education

Pillar Centre commends the importance of education on the occasion of the International Day of Education 24/1/2023 and launches an educational program to empower. Only By education can solutions be found for many of the dilemmas facing us today, including epidemics That made the whole world hide for fear of his life from an enemy […]

اليوم الدولي للتعليم

مركز بيلر يشيد بأهمية التعليم بمناسبة اليوم الدولي للتعليم 24/1/2023 ويطلق برنامج تعليمي لتمكين الشباب “بالتعليم فقط يمكن ايجاد الحلول لعديد من المعضلات التي تواجهنا اليوم ومن بينها الاوبئة التي جعلت العالم كله يختبئ خوفا على حياته من عدو لا يرى , عدونا الحقيقي الذي لا يُري هو الجهل والجهل أكثر خطورة وفتكا من كورونا. […]

Signing a cooperation agreement

Signing an agreement between Pillar Center and IMRA International Migration and Refugee Association

Hosting the director of Pillar Center over the Air

Pillar Centre for Conflict Resolution Calls for Aabolition Blockade on the Gaza Strip

London- Istanbul   Pillar Centre for Conflict Resolution and International Arbitration called for abolition blockade on the Gaza Strip and neutralizing civilians from any conflicts. Pillar Centre, based in London and Istanbul, expressed their sincerest condolences and solidarity with the families of the civilian victims who died in the massive fire that killed about 25 […]


Mourning prevails throughout the Palestinian territories, after the tragedy of the Jabalia camp fire, which claimed the lives of 21 citizens of one family, in the Abu Raya family building. Pillar Centre for Conflict Resolution and Scientific Research preceeds their sincere condolences and sympathy to the families of the victims of the Jabalia camp fire […]

Prof. Khamis El-Essy Participates in the Meeting of the Palliative Care Experts Network at the WHO Regional Headquarters for the Eastern Mediterranean

Prof. Khamis El-Essy, a member of Pillar Centre, participated in the meeting of the Palliative Care Experts Network, which was held last week in Cairo for 3 days at the regional headquarters of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, with the participation of experts and directors of the organization in a number of […]

Pillar Centre Organizes an International Scientific Webinar on the International Children’s Day

Pillar Centre is organizing an international scientific webinar, on the International Children’s Day: Children’s Rights from Texts to Protection, “We Protect and Build the Rights of our Children” with a qualitative and distinguished participation of a number of public figures and in partnership with Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie – Palestine, Lebanese University- Lebanon, Polytechnic University- […]

Pillar Centre Director is a Member of Editorial Board of a Scientific Journal

The Director of Pillar Centre, Associate Professor of Education Technology, Dr. Nermin Majid, has been selected on the editorial board of the Iraqi University Journal, which is a semi-annual refereed scientific journal, issued by the Center for Islamic Research and Studies (Mabdah).

Pillar Centre Calls for the COP27 to Focus on Addressing Climate Change in Developing Countries

London- Istanbul   Pillar Centre calls the COP27 held in Sharm El-Sheikh Cop27, in Egypt, to the need to intensify efforts to confront the dangerous repercussions of climate change and to find solutions to the problems that the planet is exposed to as a result of the changes in the climate, as well as to […]