The Role of Education in Forming the Cognitive Behavior for Women

The Role of Education in Forming the Cognitive Behavior for Women

Eng. Wejdan Jaafar Al-Mawswi

Master’s in Islamic History

PhD student

Albasrah University- Iraq

Center of Basrah and Gulf Studies




Islam came as an integrated system for all aspects of life. From a social point of view, Islam emphasized the establishment of equal relations between men and women, so it equalized in origin between them, as well as between them in destiny, and decided that all human beings shall return to God and each of them will receive the reward of his neglect in the end; if it is good, then it is good, and if it is evil, then it is bad.

Accordingly, Islam concentrated on the social aspects of life, and incite women to work according to the laws of Sharia. It forbade everything that corrupts morals and urged people to walk towards ideals, foremost of which was seeking knowledge. It did not prevent women of this sweet source that refreshes the soul and polites the self. Not only this, but it develops her behavior towards knowledge, progress and success.

A fully educated and polite girl will affect her behavior in the future when educating her children and when passing her own way in life, which is the total opposite of uneducated women who lack knowledge and culture.

Thus, we see the role of education for women and its importance which confirmed that education is one of the basic and legal rights for women, because, by education women will know how to stand on her religion laws and how to perform her life responsibilities. Therefore, education develops the behavior of women and gives them the culture they need in order to build the generations of the future.

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