Dr. Yasmin Eleyan Speech in the Domestic Violence International Forum

Dr. Yasmin Eleyan Speech in the Domestic Violence International Forum

Dr. Yasmin Eleyan


We gather today to talk about an important issue, which is violence, based on the fact that violence is a general phenomenon that leaves its imprint on all units and structures of society, especially the family, which is the first nucleus and solid building block in building a civilized society and the first pillar in sustainable development, in whose shadow a good individual is raised and good feelings of love grow. Whether mothers, fathers or brothers, family members learn to cooperate in goodness and giving, which produces a generation that rejects extremism and violence. Hence, all religions emphasized the formation of the family which its foundation is built on a solid charter that guarantees its cohesion and preserves it in the face of challenges and threats. The family through cohesion between the spouses and communication with the children through dialogue and freedom of expression. As for the process of repression and violence, it reflects negatively on the children in their relations with their families and with their communities, which has negative social, economic and psychological effects on all family members, especially women, children, elderly and disabled.

Realizing that this issue has been addressed by the pens of our intellectuals, writers and researchers for several years, and has made achievements at the Arab level in the field of protecting the family from violence, but these achievements still did not give sufficient treatments to reduce the phenomenon of domestic violence, but were on a continuous increase in light of the wide changes that the world is witnessing in terms of family components in different societies, so the family began to lose its concept of innate nature, its position in the social structure and its function in upbringing, especially in light of the recent repercussions that society witnessed, whether political, health, epidemiological, economic, media and technological, and the educational effects it left behind showed a new fabric of practical violence and gave new statistics for the high rates of divorce and the rates of violence and murder directed against women and family members.

Therefore, we meet today to talk about the issue of domestic violence with the aim of analyzing the issue according to its developments in recent decades from an educational, religious, social, psychological, and legal point of view, with the aim of reaching or developing mechanisms to deal with it.

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