Al-Bashaer Radio Hosts the General Director of Pillar Centre to Talk about Electronic Blackmail and Women

Al-Bashaer Radio Hosts the General Director of Pillar Centre to Talk about Electronic Blackmail and Women

Thursday, 7th of July, 2022.

Al-Bashaer Radio- Lebanon hosted the General Director of Pillar Centre for Conflict Resolution, International Arbitration and Scientific Research, Dr. Nermin Majid in an episode about: How to Limit Uncountable Crimes? To talk about electronic blackmail and women. Dr. Majed, PhD in Educational Technology, talked about several aspects, as a researcher who is concerns about women, especially that she has several research and articles in this field, like: Women and Electronic Extortion, which is a research that was published in a book: Systematic Approaches on Women and Media, and an article: Electronic Crimes between Blackmail and Extremism and many others.

Dr. Majed talked about the dimensions of the information and communication revolution, which was not limited to penetrating the economic and political field, but also transcended into other legal and social aspects and contributed to the development of the concept of crime; its scene and tools, which is called electronic extortion.

Further, she indicated that the most dangerous thing about blackmail is that the blackmailer does not stop at a certain point, but rather exerts pressure and threats with the first response. The response is usually the result of women’s lack of awareness of their rights and the law and their fear of society. Dr. Majed used the term: Infanticide from Modern Perspectives, describing the condition of the victim, nowadays.

When talking about the types of extortion, she mentioned that extortion may be physical, sexual, emotional, political or economic. Women are usually more vulnerable to extortion than men, as she cited United Nations statistics, which indicate that 93% of victims of extortion are women who lack information about dealing with virtual reality and social media websites.

At the end of the episode, Dr. Nermin Majed emphasized that awareness should be before the law and talked about the methods and ways that must be taken to reduce this phenomenon, such as:

  • The need to educate women about their rights.
  • Family control and enrichment of meaningful dialogue.
  • Curricula and its role in consolidating the correct and noble values that urge members of society to renounce crime.
  • Punishment, there must be a deterrent punishment for blackmailers commensurate with the gravity of the crime.
  • Media, as it should shed light on the psychological and social themes about the nature of this behavior.
  • Holding seminars and distributing brochures regarding this important topic.

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