Obstacles to Women’s Excellence and the Pillars of their Intrusion into the Real and Virtual Worlds

Obstacles to Women’s Excellence and the Pillars of their Intrusion into the Real and Virtual Worlds

Ms. Jihad Ismail

PhD Lab Researcher: Issues of Renewal in Islamic and Human Studies.

Member of the Urban Urbanization Centre for Culture and Science.




It is not hidden from the beholder in the pages of history, the injustice and contempt that women suffered before Islam, manifested in the infanticide of girls, the muting of their mouths and their ostracism… a deep betrayal rooted in thought and habits that were entrenched in women throughout the decadent ages and a feeling of powerlessness.

Until he cracked the call of Islam to rescue her from the absence of injustice to the light of justice under the goodness of the rational Islamic rule, and he gave women her right to a decent life… So he fixed her condition and reformed an entire generation strong to carry the call of Islam, so it excelled in civilization, science and militarily.

To return the woman, after she broke the loop of rule from the Rashidun Caliphate to the hereditary biting king – to a vicious cycle in which she became a commodity in the market and a current in the palaces and a neglected quantity.

The situation continued to this day, and only families and the means of families changed, at a time when colonialism entered the Arab countries and drained their civilized, urban, cultural and moral forces. The woman found herself in front of an intellectual and moral invasion that gently infiltrated her until he managed to establish her entity, so she sought to imitate the strangers who were promoted by the media in a brilliant way that appeals to women who have weakened their determination to adhere to their religion. She opened her eyes to a reality of decadence, in which she assumed that her sexual, religious and intellectual freedom was restricted.

All of this resulted from supporters of the Westernization trend from among our people, who established associations and launched campaigns as mouthpieces that reflect the echo of what the West seeks in light of the comprehensive anesthesia of the artery of the Arab Islamic nation represented by women.

Parallel to the real-world challenges, other obstacles related to the virtual world have surfaced. Such as: cybercrime, its drift behind Western liberation campaigns that cut its connection to its Islamic and Arab identity, the threat to the edifice of her family and her emotional stability..

The question remains, what is the way to break through these obstacles? The answer can be classified into: internal and external solutions. As for the internal level: Strengthening the self-factor of women: that is, her effective faith power enhanced by morals and the will of faith.

On the external level: First, political reform. Then he created liberation associations: the liberation of women from alienation and objectification, and their liberation from the worship of passion towards a positive distinction that combines excellence in life and adherence to the Islamic identity.

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