The Speech of the General Director of Pillar Centre in the Domestic Violence International Forum

The Speech of the General Director of Pillar Centre in the Domestic Violence International Forum

Dr. Nirmeen Majed

-General Director of Pillar Centre for Conflict Resolution, International Arbitration and Scientific Research


Because I like to name the terms correctly, I tend to use the term assault, not violence, regarding with abusive acts or tyranny inflicted by one party in the family over the other; the other may be the husband to the wife, the father to the children and it may be the sister or the daughter, which is in the end, no matter how many reasons it is, it is a violation of human rights, and a blatant and unjustified attack on the human soul.

The most dangerous thing about the abuses that occur in the family environment, is that it leaves shadows and grave effects in the soul that are reflected on the behaviour of individuals in their societies, which raises the degree of tension in relations between humans. Although, there are many psychological reasons that cause these abuses, and here comes the duty of the state. And civil society institutions to treat this phenomenon in its infancy before cases escalate and commit acts that go beyond limited physical abuse such as killing or mutilating the body and causing disabilities that are difficult to treat.

There are economic, not only social, effects, which are borne by society, in addition to the need to take into account the reactions of the victims, which may be more dangerous than the actions of the perpetrator.

There is no doubt that women and children are among the categories most exposed to violence and attacks in terms of humanity and rights. Besides, the percentages announced by international organizations in this regard are terrifying. However, violence is not a local culture that is limited to a people without the other, or to a segment of people necessarily. It is not linked to a particular religion or Geography, not in developed and other developing countries. In the United States of America, for example, in 1998, more than 876 crimes of violence against women were recorded from their current or former husbands, or intimate friends. According to the Centers for Disease Control, it was found that 4.8 million women suffered in one year. From physical assaults or rape by an intimate partner, while it was found that men are the least reported segments of the attacks they are exposed to.

Violence is a human phenomenon that cannot be stopped, but it must be controlled to reduce its rising rates due to developments related to the nature of life and the difficulties faced by humans as a result of wars, poverty, unemployment and dictatorship. As for eradicating violence from its roots, it is a dreamy idea that is impossible to achieve.


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