The Extent to which Palestinian Women Participate in Political Decision-Making

The Extent to which Palestinian Women Participate in Political Decision-Making


Researcher Nariman Jaber Al-Atawna

Masters of Environment Geography

The Islamic University

A teacher in the Palestinian Ministry of Education.



The participation of women in national, judicial and civil institutions at the level of political decision-making and participation in political life is one of the important indicators of the consolidation of democracy in society. This study dealt with the political participation of Palestinian women as an international urge guaranteed to them by international charters and laws. Making political decisions is the core and essence of the political process, through which the success of the state institutions on which it depends in building society and the achievement of political goals, and through which the success of state institutions that depend on it in building society and the achievement of the political goals that the state seeks and that stem from its constitution and charter. The process of participation in decision-making is the basis of the entire political process and a motive for the success of the institution. Society itself needs education and democratic awareness that begins from the first inception with the aim of changing the stereotypical view of the role and capabilities of women in decision-making.

There is a remarkable phenomenon that must be mentioned, which is the failure of a percentage of women to support women candidates for elections. This is the result of the voter’s lack of confidence in the woman herself and her being driven by the desire of the man around her. We also sometimes see a kind of negative competition in some women.

This research paper aims to identify the participation of Palestinian women in political decision-making and to highlight the factors, problems and effects of their non-participation, as well as work to raise the percentage of their political participation by strengthening their role in formulating government policies and in decision-making positions by submitting proposals and recommendations to official and civil institutions to support their participation as an active partner in the development and struggle within the Palestinian society.

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