Pillar Centre Praises the Completion of the Gulf Reconciliation

Pillar Centre Praises the Completion of the Gulf Reconciliation

Pillar Centre for Conflict Resolution, International Arbitration and Scientific Research praised the completion of the Gulf reconciliation, which was represented by the convening of the Gulf Cooperation Summit for its forty-first session in the city of Al-Ula in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The London-based Pillar Centre considered that this reconciliation, especially between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, comes within the framework of strengthening and consolidating stability and calm in the Gulf region and the Arab region, and that any removal of the causes of tension between the countries is a common interest and achieves security, prosperity and development for these countries and the countries of the region.

The Pillar Centre valued the courageous decision of the leaders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led by King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, as well as the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, who represented the spirit of high responsibility and overcame the higher interests and building a future for the generations of the two countries as well as instilling a culture of community peace, coexistence and stability Discard differences and tensions.

Pillar Centre also valued the responsible role and the great efforts that have been made since the beginning of the crisis between the two countries, especially the efforts of the State of Kuwait and the Sultanate of Oman and the American efforts to end the crisis. Pillar Centre considered that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are at the forefront of countries that contribute to providing aid and fighting poverty and hunger to many countries and continents, and have significant contributions to the UN bodies and international institutions at all levels. Pillar Centre appealed to the other conflicting countries to show a sense of responsibility and to follow the example of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.





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