Pillar Centre Holds a Virtual Dialogue on the Swap Ideas Day

Pillar Centre Holds a Virtual Dialogue on the Swap Ideas Day

Pillar Centre for Conflict Resolution, International Arbitration and Scientific Reseach held a virtual dialogue on the Swap Ideas Day that brought together a group of young people, experts and academics from several different countries to exchange ideas, opinions and experiences on Saturday 10/9/2022.

The Chair of the session, Ms. Neda Abadla, the International Relations Officer at Pillar Centre, welcomed the audience and praised the importance of gathering on this day through purposeful discussions, brainstorming. She talked about the importance of exchanging ideas with others, which is the pillar behind accomplishing wonderful things.

Dr. Yasmine Hussein, PhD in Tourism and Antiquities, the co-chair of the session, spoke about the importance of youth in terms of building societies and the importance of voluntary work.

The session was opened by Ali Hakem, a young man from Iraq, a social activist in the field of youth work and community issues and the founder of the “Shababuna Iraq” Campaign. Ali talked about his initiatives, which included more than 500 young men and women, his future ambitions, and the obstacles he faces in implementing the initiatives’ activities. He also urged young people from all countries to volunteer and participate in building their societies.

The young man, Alaa El-Din Youssef Hammad from Sudan, a master’s student at the University of Delling and a human rights activist, talked about his various initiatives in building community peace in Sudan. He also talked about the obstacles they face while starting any initiative such as financial obstacles, as self-financing is the only way to implement their activities, which would be more effective if there is funding for their ideas and activities that support community peace and elevate Sudanese society to a better place.

On the other hand, the Jordanian young man Issam Al-Masaid, a law student at Aal al-Bayt University, a social activist in the field of youth work and a certified trainer in several fields, spoke about his “Knights of Change” initiative, through which he was able to reach and communicate with young people from outside the Kingdom of Jordan and expand the scope of his voluntary work outside the borders of the Kingdom. He also pointed out other obstacles that may stand in the way of youthful ideas, which is obtaining the institutional license to obtain the necessary financial support from the funding organizations.

The session concluded with the intervention of the young Lebanese woman, Dana Saad El-Din, a student at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Lebanese University, a socio-political activist, and the Vice-President of the Lebanese Youth Parliament. Dana spoke about the importance of youth participation in the decision-making process and her journey in adding a youth council in municipalities that would monitor the municipal council and interfere in decision-making that will affect the future of youth. Dana indicated that her initiative was just an idea that was mocked at first, but it turned into a reality where many people support her now.

The session attracted the admiration of the audience who supported the guests and praised their ability and creative ideas and the importance of voluntary work as it enhances humanity and the affiliation with community. A number of experts and academics from different Arab countries participated in the descussion. They praised the youth and their personal ideas and opinions and supported them as they are the hope for a better future.

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