The Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs in Light of Masculine Domination in Arab Societies

The Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs in Light of Masculine Domination in Arab Societies

Dr. Denaf Asmaa

PhD in Sociology of Work and Organization

University of Jilali Alyabes Sidi Bel Abbes – Algeria



As a starting point, the issue of privatization and entry into the economy market is one of the topics that have presented themselves in recent years, as a new approach for the inevitability of changing the economic, social and value structure in societies, especially Arab societies, in light of the focus of work on raising the challenges posed by modernity and integration into the global economy. This is through contracting, as it is a system that includes a group of sub-forms or partial interacting with each other, the problem of its own culture based first on the economic and legal data in its formal and non-formal aspect represented in the internal system that defines the practices of individuals and frames their attitudes and behaviours in addition to other aspects other than technical and technological variables. The talking here about the sociological and anthropological aspects of enterprise as well as even psychological, meaning that the enterprise has another face that is no less important than that face or the productive and economic image. It is therefore the cultural human face manifested in various rituals and customs and in the sum of the controls and rules that frame the behavior. It is also represented in the social ties and relations and the psychological aspects on which the same enterprise is founded, such as motivation and psychological satisfaction related to promotion, recommendation, and response to the requirements of workers and individuals. The enterprise, based on this perception, produces a set of binding standards and rules on which the enterprise relies on organizing work, dividing work and solving its internal problems related to integration and external ones related to adapting to the culture of the total society. The enterprise is a purely social and cultural institution that includes symbols and criteria that confirm its existence. It contains social relations that work between its papers and multiple psychological aspects that are manifested in influencing individuals and various actors in the environment of the enterprise.

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