The Impact of Family and Societal Violence on Arab Women and Ways to Address them at the Arab and International Levels, “a Suggested Vision”

The Impact of Family and Societal Violence on Arab Women and Ways to Address them at the Arab and International Levels, “a Suggested Vision”

Ms. Sana Bouhamidi

Graduated from the Higher Institute of Justice – Kingdom of Morocco



A woman is a pretty and creative being who possesses sources of power and energy that confront her with all kinds of difficulties and the darkest challenges. She makes out of one sixth or one eighth of an opportunity that was given to her inadvertently. The pandemic of narrow masculine minds, dark, selfish, destructive ideologies, ideas, interpretations and malicious heresies that have been imposed and are still being imposed on the grandmother, mother, wife, sister and daughter, a family, societal, international, governmental, cultural and intellectual lockdown… Perhaps what I have reached in decision-making positions and what women in general, and Arab Muslims in particular, have made clear, is the imitation of their predecessors, scholars, creators, and makers of generations through the ages of history shining with their imprints that the people with sick souls do not hesitate to erase their impact and obliterate their identity. No one disputes about the good qualities of women in many that are only recognized by the man who appreciates her role. The male who has a complex of deficiency denies them. Women are patient, affectionate, sensitive, gentle, calm, patient, lovable, smart, planner, constructive, leading, peaceful, creative and creative. How can she not be blessed by God with pregnancy and childbearing? It is not a coincidence that God made her womb stable for the soul of his growth and a starting point to create a new life that would fill her with unparalleled love, kindness and tenderness.

If God, the Creator, the Photographer had given her this great divine opportunity, how can a creature who has entrusted him with her care, kindness and benevolence to her, to mistreat her, detract from her intellect, entity, and spirit of creation and creativity with her and consider her just a fun or a pleasure to spend, a game he exploits, or a slogan that he sometimes raises to please her and ward off her anger and oppression? Perhaps one of the advantages of the Covid-19 crisis is that it has revealed many dangerous manifestations, old and new, mainly related to domestic and societal violence. The crisis represented an opportunity to transform domestic violence from a private matter into an issue of public opinion in the Arab countries and in the world, by lifting the veil on the mysteries of family and societal relations between norms and laws and in light of the living reality and multiple contexts.

In this research paper, the following topics were addressed:

  • Communal family violence against women in its historical context.
  • Societal domestic violence against women in its Arab and international context.
  • Alternatives and ways of treatment.

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