Pillar Centre and Richard Barrett Discuss a Number of Common Issues

Pillar Centre and Richard Barrett Discuss a Number of Common Issues

Pillar Centre for Conflict Resolution, International Arbitration and Scientific Research and the Irish MP Richard Boyd Barrett held a meeting to discuss a number of issues and crises facing civilians.

Neda Abadla, the Head of International Affairs at the Pillar Centre, welcomed the MP Mr. Richard Barrett, and emphasized his great role in advocating peoples’ rights issues. Dr. Nirmeen Majed, the General Director of Pillar Centre, presented an explanation of the objectives and activities of the Pillar Centre in several areas.

In turn, Irish MP Richard Barrett spoke about his positions in support of the Palestinian people who live under the Israeli occupation, and that he will make efforts to continue supporting the Palestinian people until they achieve their rights through his role in Parliament and invest his international relations on several levels. The Irish MP praised the role of Pillar Centre and its activities in crisis management.

On his part, Dr. Ahmed Al-Wadiya, the General Commissioner of Pillar Centre in the Palestinian Territories, spoke about the role of the centre in terms of a number of important issues, including the political participation, human rights and women’s participation in political life. He pointed out that the Palestinian people carry a message to the world about love, peace and living with dignity and independence.

Dr. Khamis Al-Essi, the Medical Officer at Pillar Centre, discussed the difficult health situation in the Palestinian territories, in general, and in the Gaza Strip, in particular. He spoke about the health and psychological repercussions resulted by the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and pointed to the crises of education, unemployment and freedom of movement.

At the end of the meeting, the participants called for the necessity of concerted local and external efforts in order to put pressure on the international community to end the suffering of the Palestinian people.


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